Volunteer Experience

Volunteer Experience

Looking ways to learn new things and helping people in whatever ways, has led me to volunteer with various organisations in Singapore currently like; The Singapore children society, AAYS scheme (Appropriate adult for young suspects), Autism association Singapore (AAS) , AWARE– a women’s organisation, HAGAR – an organisation that cares and supports trafficking victims. Volunteering has always attracted me as it’s a privilege to give back to the society by devoting your time and skills.

Association with these organisations gives me an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the society and explore about the challenges and life situations of people in various cultures, strata’s, age groups, walks of life. Not only that it has boosted my professional skills, helped me challenge myself at different occasions and connect with like-minded people.

Volunteering has empowered me as a human being and makes me far more confident and knowledgeable professional, working in the mental health area.

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