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Is stress, a Helpful or a Harmful response?

All of us today are stressed one or the other way. The triggers of stress may be different, but undoubtedly it impacts each one of us psychologically and physically in unique ways. How about getting to know a little bit more about stress. Is being stressed helpful or harmful?

Normal stress is defined as the changes that happen in our brain and body to help us face challenges and solve problems in our ever-changing world. That means, it’s a body’s way of coping in difficult times by increasing our energy, producing acute focus of attention and concentration, motivating to act and actually acting. So this seems to be helpful, isn’t it? When this stress response is ‘threat’ based or intense it is called as the Flight or Fight response, evolved to help us face infrequent, immediate and intense threats either by fighting, fleeing away or freezing so as to solve them quickly. Once the threat is resolved, it is automatically shut off. This also seems to be helpful!

Stress is a problem when this flight or fight response is not turned off or too easily activated. This happens when we are chronically stressed, that is when body perceives everyday hassles as potential threats and causes frequent or continual activation of the flight or fight response. When this happens, the flight or fight response isn’t helping us as it’s supposed to. In fact, it’s harming us.

Thus Chronic stress, is a harmful response as it puts the body under immense pressure which is generally expressed as a physical or mental disturbance.





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