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The Experience of Panic

The experience of panic is a very deeply felt psychological state that is a product of extremely anxious, uncontrollable mind which produces quite disabling physical sensations. Saying this, it’s a chicken and egg situation where it’s hard to say what comes first – the bodily sensations or anxious thoughts. Panics usually make you feel like you have lost control of the circumstance completely. It makes you feel vulnerable all the time for the next episode.

The changes in the body and mind take place so rapidly and unconsciously that the experience is like an ‘Attack’ of panic or anxiety. Bodily sensations in panic look similar or an exaggeration of our flight and fight response. Where instead of taking positive advantage of the bodily sensations to face the situation, rather it overwhelms the body making it incapable to act. In such circumstances the human mind focus more on these internal sensations, making you more anxious and less able to act.

The experience of Panic alters the functioning of most of the organs in human body like brain, heart, lungs, eyes, muscular system, gastric system and so on. This bodily subjective experience during the panic attack is quite individualized but it’s always on a faster and a higher side.

In conclusion where normally the exaggerated responses would have helped you to face the challenges, now these responses take over you and cripple you so much so that, it almost burns you out on your self esteem and self confidence. The result is that you begin to restrict your activities or avoid situations to ward off these attacks. Familiar or daily life situations seem to be threatening. Thoughts of self-doubt creep in.





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