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What exactly happens in a Panic Attack!

Panic Attacks – signs and symptoms
Panic Attack is the most sudden and dreadful form of anxiety. Only those who have had it or seen people around them have it, know how scary it can look or feel like. In Panic, the anxiety symptoms jump in from nowhere with little warning. Cold perspiration, trembling, increased heart beat – so severe as if will have a heart attack, increased thirst, dry mouth, fear of death, fear of going insane and so on are some of the common symptoms. But while having these physical symptoms which are so disturbing, the psychological symptoms are something of even more concern.

Dreadful thoughts in Panic attacks
‘What if’ is the typical tormenting mental-emotional state. What if I lose control? What if I die of heart attack? What if I go crazy? What if I collapse? What if people see me in the Panic? And so on. These tremendous anticipatory thoughts, with ‘What if…...............?’ are uncontrollable and generally takes over the conscious logical mind. That means the person going through the Panic attack cannot negotiate or keep these thoughts away by in a way these ‘What if’ thoughts plague the person’s mind so deeply that it makes him/her remain stuck in the anxious mental state even before and after a Panic Attack.

Common Triggers of Panic Attacks
Panic attacks in some people can be triggered in certain situations, locations, time of the day or under stress, but in some it can just happen in absence of any evident trigger. Such panic attacks, which occur without a trigger and frequent for a particular period of time are clinically diagnosed as Panic disorder.





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