Online Counselling

Online Counselling

Counselling @Mindtalks will be provided by qualified Counsellors via emails or skype calls. If you are going through a lot and need urgent help feel free to connect with the Counsellor @Mindtalks.

The main objective of counselling here is to enable you to look into and resolve your issues while you are sitting at your comfortable space.

We provide you with a safe and a confidential platform to express what you feel without any hesitation to a trained Counsellor. It is seen that, as more and more people getting tech-savy, online counselling is the most convenient way. If you are very busy in your life, feel unsure about the travel needed for the face-to-face appointments, have changeable or long working hours; online counselling is one option that would suit you.

At Mindtalks, people with psychological, psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders are advised to take up Counselling on a case by case basis. To many, Counselling can act as an additional support in their healing journey.

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