How can Homoeopathy help


How can Homoeopathy help?

Homoeopathy has shown to have a remarkable positive impact on those suffering from mental health issues (Psychological disorders and Psychiatric illnesses) in all age groups. It is by far the most sophisticated system of medicine that focuses on the person suffering - his emotions and struggles, the why’s and how’s of his current disturbed mental state, and not just on treating the so called symptoms of the disease.

Like, in a Case of Depression, rather than just looking into the symptoms like low mood, disturbed sleep, irritability, lack of interest; it is significant to know what led the patient to the current state, his reaction to this disturbed state and what his normal personality was like.

Homoeopathy functions on the principle that every individual is unique, so each one’s sensitivity and expressions in health and disease are unique. No two individuals can be same. 

Thus individualising each and every case to offer an Individualised treatment is the hallmark of Homoeopathic treatment. 

Unlike other systems of medicine, Homoeopathic medicines have proven to have no side effects, are non-habit forming and containing no unnatural chemicals/hormones which is the greatest advantage of this system of medicines. They are synthesised from natural plant, animal and mineral products. 

As a Psychiatrist, in the field of Homoeopathy, to treat any mental condition, it’s essential to take up a detailed Case – which comprises of the symptoms, intensity of the discomfort, the triggers or causes , the person’s reactions in this altered state and his personality in health. This is called Case Taking in Homoeopathy. This process is often cathartic, giving the patient an opportunity to express. 

Homoeopathy acts dynamically on the psycho-neuro-endocrine (mind-body complex) axis to bring about cure. Overall, Homoeopathy not only relieves or targets the complaints but simultaneously and quite gently improves the quality of life of the Individual. 

Another advantage is its ability to be safely administered complementary with other forms of treatments, helps in reducing the duration of hospitalisation, quantity/dosages of the modern medicine needed, frequency of relapses, and lower the health care costs.

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