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At Mindtalks, mental health issues and psychosomatic disorders in adult and children is what we focus on. For over 5years, we have been continuing to help our clients to connect with their true self by expressing/sharing and healing with Homoeopathy, a natural medicine.

In our fast, paced life, where ‘we want things now’, we are losing touch with ourselves, people around us and our surroundings. Due to lack of social interactions (face to face) and ignorance to our wellbeing, mental health issues and life-style disorders are on a rise.

  • Who do you turn to when you are alone?
  • Have you ever felt, that you are always judged?
  • Is there something that’s eating you up within, inviting illnesses in your body?
  • Do you feel your emotions? Do you express them in a healthy way?
  • Are you gaining enough help in your current situation? Medicines? Friendships/ your support network?

Below is one of our many client experiences, which inspired us to create MINDTALKS.


In reading the following, if anyone comes to your mind who may be going through a similar situation, please get in touch.

It was Friday morning, I was eager to see Ms.Seema (name changed) again, a 14year old girl who was diagnosed with Depression, 5 months back. Today was her 5th follow up consultation. She has received Homoeopathic medicines so far, along with three sessions of Counselling (with my associate counsellor).

Here she comes, today she looks quite better looking more energetic, wanting to share with a sweet smile on her face. It was the first time when she was describing her experience in school this week. This sharing coming from a girl, who was withdrawn, irritable and shunning people off a few weeks back, is a sure sign of her getting better.

During the session, her Grandmother, who sat beside was encouraging her to talk.

Seema, slipped into her Depression two years back, when her Mother was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Her mother and grandmother are her whole world after having faced the loss of her father at the young age of five. Being extremely close to her Mother every time the Mother felt sick or was admitted to the hospital made her feel tremendously scared about the Mother dying, with fears of losing her and she couldn’t let go off those thoughts. Burdened with emotions the girl lost interest in school, studies, play, simply she curled into her shell of sadness and worry.

The grandmother thanked me for this unbelievable progress. She said, “Doctor, I feel terrible to say this, but we failed to spot what Seema was going through all this while, we didn’t recognise the warning signs and we never knew that Homoeopathy and talking to someone could help. If it wasn’t for her teacher’s referral, we would have never known about you.

The warning signs had been missed, primarily the change in behaviour. They failed to notice that somethingwas not right with her. She had completely changed from a cheerful chirpy girl to a withdrawn, obstinate and fearful one without any evident reason for this behavioural change.

“The changed behaviour of my granddaughter made us feel worried, that we spent sleepless nights thinking of what to do and where to go for help. I shared my concerns with her teacher. The teacher then correlated this to her being inattentive and forgetful lately at school. When we both realised there was an issue that needed to be addressed. The teacher referred us to you”.

Further she added, “You know what doctor, people need to know how to spot the signs early and about Homoeopathy and Counselling how safe and effective it is”.

As per the above case and many other case experiences, it seems that we are getting more and more disconnected and losing touch with ourselves. We live in our own little bubble unaware of what’s happening around us and to our self within. Busy, demanding life-style and social isolation is drifting us away from our human needs and connections.

MINDTALKS WAS BORN, out of the need to address these two vital areas which we observed were missing, to bring back the lost balance of mind and body;

1. “Just to Talk” – for sharing, opening up and expressing how you feel inside in a safe, private and non-judgemental space/platform to a caring listener. If you feel this need, we are here to listen to you.

2. “Homoeopathic” healing, working on the mind-body as a unit, restoring the lost balance naturally. It’s the safest, sophisticated and gentle way of treatment that takes a holistic approach to restoring health.

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This simpleton lady, very lucidly articulated the need of time – need to create a safe place for people to share and talk, create widespread awareness about signs of disturbed mental health and about efficacy of Homoeopathy in mental health area.

Nothing better than an online platform, would help me to address the growing number of mental health concerns and spread the word about Homoeopathy.

Thus MINDTALKS was born, an online platform advocating a Holistic approach in mental health with Homoeopathy, Counselling, ‘Just to talk’ and advice on Diet.

If this girl could talk about how she feels to someone, she might have got clarity on what’s happening.

If her parents and teacher knew what to do or could discuss about her condition with someone they might have been better able to help her WHEN SHE WAS battling WITH her Fears.

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