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My name is, Dr Charuta

Known also a Psychiatrist and a Counsellor.

I am Dr. Charuta Deshpande, possess a Master’s degree in (Classical) Homoeopathy with super- specialisation in Psychiatry. I am experienced in managing cases of Psychiatric disorders (like Depression, anxiety disorders and Childhood disorders like Autism, ADHD, Asperger’s and behavioural disorders), Psychological disturbances (like fears, teenage issues, relationship problems, sleep problems) and Psychosomatic disorders (All Stress induced illnesses like Gastric disturbances, Hormonal disorders, Thyroid dysfunctions, female disorders and more) with Homoeopathic medicines.

6 years of clinical and hospital practise, and 3years of rigorous post-graduate training has time and again proved to me that, chronic stresses and highly demanding life-style are the triggers for most of the illnesses that we battle with these days; anything from allergic cold, hormonal disturbances or mental health issues are a result of our fast-paced life.

Ignorance to our overall wellbeing, lack of support structure, easy distractions and wanting quick solutions to serious health issues makes you prone to ending up with something more serious and chronic.

Out of this need, Mindtalks, was formed, so as to extend my service to people around the globe. A team of Homoeopathic doctors, Counsellors, psychologist, nutritionist and other related professionals have come together, wanting to provide the best possible support. It is a platform which is created to promote mental health, create awareness and treat stress, stress-related physical and mental health disorders and childhood disorders.


  • Master’s in Psychiatry, Faculty of Homoeopathy, (MD HOM PSY) from a prestigious Homoeopathic college in Mumbai, India.
  • Trained in the Counselling techniques of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Personal Counselling from Mumbai.
  • She holds the credential of ‘Certified Autism Therapist’ from IBCCES.
  • Currently pursuing, an Advanced Diploma in International Academy in Classical Homoeopathy (ICAH), Greece.
  • Working with the Autism Association Singapore, as a programme manager where she is responsible in structuring and presenting trainings on Autism to the potential volunteers and the community.


  • Private practise in Mumbai, India since 2013.
  • Her clientele mainly comprised of:
    a. Psychological disturbances – Worry, work and academic stresses, problems of daily living, relationship problems, teenage issues, Sleep problems and anger issues.
    b. Serious Mental health illnesses - Depression, Schizophrenia, Anxiety disorders – Panic disorders, Hypochondriasis, Phobias, Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Also, Childhood behavioural disorders, childhood ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s syndrome.
    c. Psychosomatic disorders - Thyroid dysfunctions, Female hormonal problems, Psoriasis, Irritable bowel syndrome, Gastric ulcers, Asthma, Autoimmune illnesses like MS, Atopic dermatitis, SLE and more.
  • Attached to ‘Spandan-Mother and child Care Institute’ as a Psychiatrist, under experienced guidance of Dr Praful Barvalia, she specialised in dealing with child cases of Autism, ADHD, Developmental delays, Behavioural disorders and Childhood mood and anxiety disorders from the year 2013-2015.
  • One-to–one, skype consultation to clients within India; from Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore.
  • One-to-one, skype consultation for Global clientele from USA, London, Singapore, Dubai.


  • Being a Homoeopathic Psychiatrist, my prime approach, is to treat the root cause of the problem that just treating or palliating the symptoms. A detailed case taking, is the hallmark of Homoeopathic practise. Getting to know the client a little bit more, helps in prescription of the medicine.
  • The medicines dispensed are homoeopathic, which are procured from natural sources, are gentle in action with no perceptible side effects.
  • On a case by case basis, seeking help from other professionals like Counsellor, Nutritionist, Clinical psychologist, modern medicine Psychiatrist and other related professionals is always promoted, for overall benefits of the client.
  • Psycho-education of the family in cases of mental health disorders is keenly taken care of.


  • Attached to ‘Spandan-Mother and child Care Institute’ as a Psychiatrist, under experienced guidance of Dr Praful Barvalia, she specialised in dealing with child cases of Autism, ADHD, Developmental delays, Behavioural disorders and Childhood mood and anxiety disorders from the year 2013-2015.
  • Member of Homoeopathic Education and Research Institute (HERI) lead by Dr. Kishore Mehta and team.
  • Consultant at charitable clinic in Kandivli, Mumbai.


  • Born and brought up in the city of Mumbai, she feels privileged about living in a multi-cultural environment and getting a chance to interact with people from different walks of life.
  • Clients of all age-groups describe me as a polite, friendly and an easy going person.
  • I envision helping clients in transforming their times of crisis and challenge into opportunities for self- growth and true empowerment.
  • I am a nature lover and a travel freak. Travelling is synonymous to backpacking for me. I have backpacked to over 14countries till now. It enables me to unwind, refresh and disconnect from the professional routine. Travelling has kept me enlightened with life-changing experiences.
  • Art and cooking is what I love to do, over weekends.

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