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What I Need To Know About Depression!

Depression is one of the most commonly encountered mental illnesses these days. We usually have heard of someone in our family or around us being depressed. Here are somethings that you may want to know about depression.

Not all people who are feeling sad or are in a low mood can be diagnosed as Clinically Depressed.

If someone in your family, friends or around you is depressed, your support and acceptance can be of great help in that persons recovery.

Clinical depression is very severe which almost leads to disability in carrying out routine activities, hence needs immediate medical help.

If someone is depressed, it does not mean that he/she is weak, spineless or moron; it’s just that they are going through a difficult life phase and aren’t coping well.

Homoeopathy has proven to be quite effective in all cases of Depression.

Temporary sadness or low mood, during which you can carry on your daily activities, can either pass off with time when circumstances around you get better or once you refurbish your coping skills. But if you feel very blogged down and tired by this emotional state, then medicinal intervention and/or Counselling might be required.

Depression is seen in all age groups; starting from 4-5 year old. But the first signs of each age-group may vary.

Depressed people, generally would take good things in a negative way- that happens, because of the illness and not because they are being rude.

Every person with Depression exhibit characteristic emotional, behavioural and physical symptoms. Thus, no two people with depression are going through the same thing!

Triggers for depression can be different for different people. They depend on each person’s sensitivities, their personality, life circumstances, belief systems and emotional make-up.

Person with clinical depression need professional help – medicine, psychotherapy; he can seldom feel better by friendly talks, with time, advice, prayers or by keeping himself busy.

Depression – if looked at, with open mind, can be a great opportunity to stop and look deep within yourself, learn more about self, gear up your coping skills and work on your sensitivities.

Depression can be a common manifestation, in cases of other mental illness like Bipolar disorder, Personality disorder, Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, Dementia etc.





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